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In order to put in place a strategy to boost your e-reputation , you will need to take stock of your online reputation. Just type your business name into Google or do a deeper search in the discussion forums. Otherwise, specialized search engines like can be of great help to you.

Carry out regular monitoring

The day before will allow you to know everything about your reputation. You can simply create an alert on the Google alert service. You can also use social networks to carry out an in-depth monitoring of your e-reputation.

Develop your internal image

They will be your ambassadors to the people they meet outside of the workplace.

Develop a content strategy.

The principle is to post “yourself” on a discussion forum with valuable content about your business. Don’t worry, every company on the web does this. You will kill two birds with one stone, because at the same time, you will improve your natural referencing .

Animate the relationship with opinion leaders.

Next, you need to gain the trust of opinion leaders and community representatives. The goal is to retain them through an affiliate program.

Establish a monitoring plan

It is a plan that helps to structure the sources and the list of associated keywords. The alerts are sorted by a classification plan. It is advisable to use multimedia monitoring solutions. Use tools like Digimind or Alerti. Please note that the monitoring plan must be maintained over time.


Avoid withdrawing into yourself, and build relationships with the organizations around you. Know that companies that communicate are successful companies. In addition, communication allows you to respond to the attack of a detractor.

Always involve employees

You must show that you have a social charter to regulate contributions. This contribution will also make you more accessible and open to Internet users. To do this, you must examine your employees to know their reputation and then define a social code. The code makes it possible to define a perimeter of what they will be able to say or not about your company.

Be ready to receive criticism

Your best defense against any well-founded criticism is to be prepared for false rumors that people on the Internet might throw at you. If you are alerted earlier, you will have time to react and the bad rumor will be no more than a simple memory buried in the meanders of the web.

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