labor law

Labor law is part of a branch of private law and social law. It is important to know that the right to work is intended for employees. Its role is to oversee the execution and termination of the employment contract. Labor law holds an important place in the relationship between the worker and the employer.

The place of labor law in a company

If the company or the employer wishes to establish a good relationship with its employee, it is obliged to master the right to work. For the proper functioning of his company, a leader must be able to know all the main lines of labor law. The employer must be aware of all the rules relating to the relationship between the employer and the employee.

It is when the employment contract is terminated and when hiring that the employer must know more about the principles of this right. The role of labor law in a company is to protect employees. It applies in the context where the employee has signed an employment contract. If there is no contract that binds the employer and the employee, labor law is not able to protect the employee.

Labor law protects employees

At the time of its conception, labor law was created with the aim of fighting against the exploitation of employers towards employees. Know that this right is even created by and for employees. We can even say that this right is considered as a right of obligations and prohibitions. It is for this reason that it has been defined as “the set of rules and legal obligations applicable to individual and collective relations between the employer and its employees”. Labor law is even considered an important branch of social law. It is labor law that maintains the balance in the professional sector.

It is also important to know that labor law is completely flexible. However, it can be changed. Moreover, it has already been modified a good number of times since its creation. Currently, labor law does not only protect employees. This is where collective agreements come into play. And to be complete, labor law must take into consideration:

Collective agreements

In order to protect the proper functioning of the company and in order to protect the companies, the employers have also decided to put in place legislation which aims to fill the gaps in labor law. These laws are called “collective agreements”. Each branch has its own collective agreement and each agreement is drafted by representatives of each branch.

The employee is obliged to take this collective agreement into consideration. It is she who governs the obligations of the employee in the sector of activity. It can also be said that the internal regulations of companies are part of the sources of labor law. These professional sources regulate the relations between company and employees.

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